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Edgar Simmons has been a proud Carrier dealer for more than 30 years. Carrier is the world leader in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems and has been, ever since its founder invented basic modern air conditioning in 1902.

We trust Carrier for their innovative industry-leading technology and high-quality build. With careful, professional regular maintenance, your HVAC system will last for many years making it the best investment you can make for your home and comfort.

Furnaces & Heat Pumps

Furnaces and heat pumps are essential components of residential HVAC systems, each offering unique benefits. Furnaces, commonly powered by gas or electricity, provide consistent heating by warming the air and distributing it through ductwork. Heat pumps, on the other hand, transfer heat between the indoors and outdoors making them incredibly versatile.

The system you choose is largely depending on your home’s size, available space and climate. Our team of experts can help to determine the best HVAC solution for your unique needs.

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Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are indispensable for maintaining indoor comfort during hot weather. These systems cool indoor spaces by removing heat and humidity, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere. This can be especially beneficial for cottages and summer homes.

Our team of experts can help you choose the right air conditioning solution for your home or cottage. With many products to choose from, you are sure to find something within budget.

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Air Quality, Purification & Humidifiers

Air quality is a critical aspect of indoor comfort and well-being. Humidifiers and air purifiers play vital roles in enhancing the air we breathe. Humidifiers add moisture to dry air, preventing issues like dry skin and respiratory discomfort, especially in winter. They create a more comfortable environment and can even protect wooden furniture and flooring from drying out.

Air purifiers, on the other hand, remove pollutants, allergens, and contaminants from the air. They help reduce allergy symptoms and improve respiratory health by capturing particles like dust, pet dander, and even microorganisms. These devices promote cleaner, healthier air, ensuring that your indoor space is a haven of freshness and well-being.

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